Class Action Monthly

Beard Group is pleased to announce Class Action Monthly, a new periodical covering class actions and complex litigation. Download the latest issue.

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Class Action Monthly will feature news, research and special reports focusing on class action, multi-plaintiff and multi-district litigation proceedings. Where Class Action Reporter is a daily, definitive roundup of every minute development in class actions, Class Action Monthly will be a less frequent publication focused more on analysis, industry trends and key players.

In its first year, the publication will initially be published quarterly. Each issue will feature two to three news features on significant events, trends, critical cases and notable settlements or court decisions that have wide implications.

Each issue will also two “Who’s Who” reports about the key professionals in significant proceedings. These reports will include a brief background of the case and an exhaustive list of the parties and professionals involved in the matter.

Class Action Monthly will publish special reports that provide listings of:

  • Top plaintiff law firms
  • Top defendant law firms
  • Class action claims administrators
  • Class action consultants
  • Litigation financiers
  • Other professionals involved in industry

Class Action Monthly will also provide special coverage of major court decisions from Supreme Court cases, appellate cases or trial court cases. These reports will summarize the controversy, the arguments from both sides and the court’s decision, while welcoming comments class action professionals.